Download Netinstall From check bottom of doc for netinstall info

Also download The MIPSBE Main Package Stable


CRS1xx, CRS2xx, CRS312-4C+8XG, CRS326-24S+2Q+, CRS354, Cube Lite60, DISC, FiberBox, hAP, hAP ac, hAP ac lite, LDF, LHG, LHG Lite60, ltAP mini, mANTBox, mANTBox 2, mAP, NetBox, NetMetal, PowerBox, PWR-Line, QRT, RB9xx, SXTsq, cAP, hEX Lite, RB4xx, wAP, BaseBox, DynaDish, RB2011, SXT, OmniTik, Groove, Metal, Sextant, RB7xx, hEX PoE

Main package stable


a) Disable Firewall
b) Connect PC to Port 1 on Mikrotik
c) Disable all other network interfaces on the PC - LAN, Wireless, Virtualbox
d) Set static IP of subnet mask gateway on PC
e) Run NetInstall
f) Select "Net Booting"
g) Mark "Boot Serve Enabled"
h) Selected Client IP address of
i) Keep reset pressed while powering on
j) Keep holding the reset pin till a beep sounds. Release immediately
k) Router showed up in Netinstall's list (**)
l) Unmarked "Keep old configuration" and "Configure Script"
m) Unzipped ""
n) Selected all packages by browsing to the unzipped directory and using the "Select All" button
o) Clicked on "Install"
p) The progress bar moved to 100% as the packages were uploaded (**)
q) The router rebooted - Beep once, some time later (1 min or so if I recollect) a second beep

After a while after the second beep short (30 secs or so if I recollect) , the wireless light turned on, and the router configuration was back to normal

The nightmare was in steps (k) and (p) both marked with (**). The router would just not show up in NetInstall's list - must have tried it 30 times before this worked - But once I got it to work, it started working every time. And then after Clicking on "install" the router status would go to "Installing" and then to "Ready" without doing anything - no idea why the installation worked properly after 20 times of trying!